Last updated
Dec 5, 2021
Personal, primary device
Additional PC users
Not shared with other users
Desktop OS
Windows 10
OS edition
Login security
    • Password (Aa-Zz, 0-9, Symbols)
Primary sign-in
Local account
Primary user
Standard user - Limited permissions
Security updates
Automatic - allow all types of updates
Windows UAC
Maximum - always notify
Network firewall
Third-party router
Real-time protection
Microsoft Defender
Software firewall
Provided by a third-party security vendor. Refer to 'Real-time protection' for details.
Custom RTP, Firewall and OS settings
ConfigureDefender @ modified Max
TinyWall v. 3.2.3 + Windows Firewall
Malware testing
No malware samples
Periodic security scanners
HitmanPro Free
Secure DNS
Quad9 DOH
Password manager
Little Black Book
Browsers, Search and Addons
strict tracking prevention
Privacy Badger
Brave search

strict tracking | total cookie protection
µBO hard mode
Brave search
Privacy features enabled via internal settings only for usability Firefox Privacy or: How I Learned to Stop Hardening and Love Strict Tracking Protection

Brave shields @ aggressive + per-site switches
Brave search
All internal privacy settings enabled
Maintenance and Cleaning
Windows built-in
Personal Files & Photos backup
External - Free Agent drive
Personal backup routine
Manual (maintained by self)
Device recovery & backup
Aoemi Backupper
Restore points - weekly scheduled task
Device backup routine
Manual (maintained by self)
PC activity
  1. Browsing the web. 
  2. Emails. 
  3. Shopping. 
  4. Downloading software. 
  5. Multimedia. 
  6. Streaming. 
Computer specs
Lenovo l340 i3 8145U CPU @ 2.10 GHz 2.300 GHz 8GB DDR4 RAM 1 TB HDD
Personal changelog
7-1-21 Updated config as above
7-10-21 Switched out µBO & ClearURLs for Trace
7-13-21 Switched ClearURLs for Trace in Brave
7-16-21 Updated config as above - Edge as main browser
7-18-21 Brave uninstalled
7-21-21 Reverted to µBO as sole extension in browsers.
Updated Firefox search engines
Replaced Adguard DNS with Cloudfare DNS
8-24-21 Replaced µBO with Privacy Badger
8-28-21 Configured three browsers for compartmentalization
8.30.21 Back to µBO hard mode all three browsers
9.29.21 Back to Microsoft Defender and NextDNS
10.1.21 Added VoodooShield Pro
11.11.21 Removed VoodooShield & added TinyWall. Switched to Trace from µBO in Edge.
12.5.21 Replaced Trace with Privacy Badger
12.20.21 Reverted to Firefox internal settings only.
Feedback Response

General feedback


Level 37
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Nov 10, 2017


New Member
Aug 2, 2021
Cloudflare is leaps and bounds faster than anyone, but they occasionally are having issues, especially resolving my work IPs for our corporate VPN. May go back to Quad9 which is slower.
Cloudflare is marginally faster for some people in some places, Quad9 marginally faster for other people in other places, both have very large networks, Quad9's somewhat larger. But the big difference, as I think you're seeing, is in uptime... Quad9 hasn't had any system-wide downtime yet, in five years of operation. Cloudflare has been at this three or four years now, and hasn't been able to maintain even three nines of uptime:



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Feb 25, 2017
Default at the moment. I'm on the fence about learning mode. What's your advice? 🤔 :unsure:
I just asked out of curiosity. But if you ask me then you should just delete it again and stick with your basic but effective non-extension approach (apart from uBlock Origin) :)

Thats why I recommended NextDNS before, because you can achieve extra ad, tracking, malware and phishing blocking without the need of another extension that has an negative impact on your privacy.


Level 10
Aug 19, 2019
µBO hard mode is really very easy to use with a bit of trial and error because you start to identify the key 3rd party players on the sites you visit. Impressive blocking ability and page loading! (y) (y) :cool:
Much like learning to use NoScript though I wish uBo had sie reputation lookup so you and easily identify web services / data sources.

I'm currently using this setup with uBO: Browser Add-on - uBlock0rigin in Medium mode for Lighter and Stronger Protection, with Less websites breakage and hassle