Would you buy the OPPO Find X instead of an iPhone X or Galaxy S9?

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The launch video is here

Some pointers

1) No mention of how sound is reproduced. I guess it should be using traditional speakers unlike those of Screen SoundCasting technology by VIVO Nex (i.e. using the screen to produce sound)

Introducing Vivo Nex, the ‘first all-screen smartphone’ with an elevating front camera - Tech News | The Star Online

2) Curved edges like the Samsung S9 Plus

Not very comfortable to hold as its slippery.

3) Slide up/down for cameras and sensors

Not sure how reliable this will be in the long run if use in dusty environment

4) No 4K@60 fps

Well..........OPPO, VIVO and ONEPLUS are from the same parent company, BBK, with OPPO as the big brother so I suppose each has to differentiate itself from the others
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Well i think the hidden pop-up camera is really bad when you can see the new motherboard or GPU or something at the event you gonna try to take a pic/record it they said no camera its against rule something like this because they might notice when hidden pop-up camera...
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Cool looking phone. Mechanical pop-up...nah...

I think that will be advanced soon where anything mechanical will not be needed anymore.

I am also not a fan of Infinity curved type screens (similar to S8 and S9). I'd rather edge to edge screens such as Iphone X...minus the notch.
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