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"OSAM" (Online Solutions Autorun Manager) is a powerful and reliable tool for controlling the ‘cleanliness’ of components and applications that are automatically loaded or started under certain conditions without user’s consent.

"OSAM" provides an easy one-click way of obtaining detailed information about the components that are run automatically at the system start and can potentially affect its operation.

Basically, all types of malicious software that have been around for the last 7-10 years use various mechanisms of sticking to an infected system. With this product, you will be able to monitor and control these activities and, which is more important, eradicate the threat on your own.

Rootkits are one of the biggest threats for end user systems. This malicious software integrates into the system on a very low level and completely hides its presence. The user is often totally unaware that the computer is being controlled by hackers. But that’s not a problem: whether it’s a hidden start of a rootkit driver or other hidden keys, "OSAM" will detect any of these autorun variants.

Modern malicious software, such as adware, spyware and spambots cannot be completely removed by existing anti-virus solutions. However, such treatment attempts often leave the user without working network connections or damage other system components. The user becomes helpless and alone with the problem. The "OSAM" manager will easily solve this problem!

Functional capabilities:
  • support of virtually all known methods of automatic loading using the system registry or special folders;
  • automatic detection of the peculiarities of settings on specific user systems;
  • validation of digital file signatures;
  • color marking of file statuses for better comprehension;
  • filtering by statuses of detected objects;
  • search by masks using any parameter in any display mode;
  • output of additional information for any object type;
  • output of detailed file information, validation of file existence and accessibility;
  • temporary disablement of registry objects or files without creating additional keys or subfolders;
  • generation of two types of report files (text and HTML) with all autoload information.

Unique capabilities:
  • protection against rootkits by detecting hidden registry keys and records using the method of direct registry data analysis (without using OS functions);
  • comprehensive support of LSP (Layered Service Providers) filters deletion and recovery with rearrangement of the providers chain;
  • support of namespace providers (NSP) with rearrangement of the providers chain.

  • a completely free application!
  • grouping by file objects enables you to quickly find all links to a specific automatically loaded file;
  • regular updates of the methodological database after the analysis of in-the-wild malicious software;
  • full Unicode support (any national characters, filenames and registry data);
  • support of visual themes (skins) for users who do care how their favorite software looks.

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Added to my handy dandy folder full of utilities. Thanks for the share. +1


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Valentin N said:
Littlebits said:
Looks like a nice program, I will have to give it a test drive.

tell the forum what you think of it
Ok here goes. Over-all I really liked it because of its easy to read GUI and loaded features.
I generally manage autoruns on my systems with WinPatrol Pro but it only has basic details about the entries whereas OSAM gives you more details and info.

It is kind of slow at starting up but the malware scans are fast, I'm thinking it uses Kaspersky's cloud but not sure. No false positives on the malware scans but I didn't test it against any malicious samples. OSAM kind of reminds me of Emsisoft Hijack Free since it has about the same features.
Of coarse Emsisoft Hijack Free has more than just autoruns and the malware scans sometimes have many false positives.

Microsoft Autoruns has the advantage of speed when starting up compared to OSAM and Emsisoft Hijack Free, but lacks many of the features. It is also comparable to Comodo Autoruns in features but much faster at starting up, more stable, had no false positives and faster malware scanning.

System Explorer also has a very nice autorun manager, malware scanner and process manager all in one program. It might be a better options for some users who want just one program to does it all.

OSAM is one of the better autorun managers that I have tired, try it for yourself and give your commits.


Valentin N

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I tested it and I must says that I liked it. it took its time to get up and running. Once everything is done you get all information you need in order to make wise decisions. You will also get advice if some file are good or not. I for instance stopped Comodo unite's auto start(I did through msconfig but it didn't help).

I am quite positive that it's clean. K7 is known to give FP. I have sent it to comodo labs so we will know soon enough.

I must say that I like it abit better than COMODO's autorun; You can submit to their labs and get feedback once an autorun is disabled.


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Yeah, I thought that it uses Kaspersky's cloud too, but developers told me that they are using only their virus naming. :)
It's definitely false-positive.