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Feb 9, 2019
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64-bit OS
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Windows Defender SmartScreen (Windows 10)
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Kaspersky Internet Security
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Virus and Malware Removal Tools
KIS 2019, Zemana Antilogger, herdProtect
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Firefox, uBlock Origin, HTTPS Everywhere, Kaspersky Protection
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Kaspersky Protection
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System Mechanic Pro by iolo
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Ashampoo Backup Pro
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Ashampoo Backup Pro
Frequency of System backups
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Install new programs on a weekly basis
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self assemnbled: Ryzen 5 2500, GTX 1070, 32GB DDR4, SSD 500GB + 4TB HDD


Level 27
For real-time protection and possible removal I use Webroot, however in case that something slips through than I resort to zemana AntiLogger as a 2nd opinion scanner/remover and some other "tools" .
When you say anything slips through, do you have good browsing habits?

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Level 27
hahaha your "sticking your nose into my privacy"... Well I think that I do. I can't remember when was it last time that any of my PC's got seriously infected.
Your config then based on your browsing habit should be good enough :p

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Staff member
Malware Hunter
  • Update W10 to build 1809.
  • As for "Web Privacy", You may add a VPN service.
  • A PassWord Manager would be welcome also.
Please kindly reflect Your changes editing Your config, and announcing them here, thanks for sharing Your config :giggle:
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Level 1
Unfortunately 1809 ruins performance of my favorite game. Regarding VPNs, I just do not "feel" that it is necessary to use it 24/7 so I turn it on when I feel it's needed. About a password manager - I carry on my shoulders :D . However, thanks for reaction.
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Level 3
I don't know so much about the Zemana antilogger. But maybe it would be better to use a fullblown antimalware scanner like MBAM free or Zemana free, as Webroot got it's identity shield which will encrypt everything you type just like the antilogger? Or maybe the antilogger cover all malware when you scan?
I used NVT Syshardener when I used Webroot. It was a good combination. Thanks for sharing.


Level 1
I use Zemana for years, it is quite OK. I have also VoodShield on my machine but I dislike all those prompts and confirmations that are popping up all the time so I have it most of the time disabled (that's why I did not mention it in my config).
About System Mechanic I disagree, imho it is one of the few such tools doing its job properly.
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