Serious Discussion Package Managers for Windows [CLI, FOSS] (Electric, Chocolately, Scoop, Winget, WingetUI)


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To search ALL Winget packages -

In PowerShell:

winget search -q `"`" | More

In Command Prompt:

winget search -q "" | More

To search for a specific package by name -

In PowerShell or Command Prompt:

winget search --name "NAME"


winget search --name "Visual Studio"
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Aug 17, 2014
WingetUI, which is a third-party GUI utility tool for managing CLI package managers like Winget or Scoop, has received its latest update today. The new update, version 1.5.2, fixes blurry textures on Windows 10, and improves task manager context menu positioning on Windows 11. Aside from these, there are several other improvements and bug fixes like those related to .NET, PNG files, and more.
You can download the latest WingetUI from GitHub where you can also view the detailed changelog.


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Jan 26, 2023
I would delete from that list. It's not a thing :D

PS. There are a million package managers available for windows on github. Zero-Install, Just-Install...others. OneGet was getting up there with Choco for a brief period of time but faded. Now the landscape is basically Winget, Chocolatey, Scoop. = )
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