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Hi Guys, this is my second thread about my security config. Hope this time it is according to what is expected :).
All the best.


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What I meant was that I use 3 machines, each one with a different OS. The one I'm using as I'm writing this post is the XP one, and the security config is from this one. But on the other two I have practically the same security configuration.


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Primarily what are your purpose to use those 3 Windows OS machine? You may give a swap for Windows XP to a Linux Derivative for browsing and light task. ;)

Other than that, its already a good configuration.

Consider to have a backup browser and add few on demand scanners.


Using XP you're vulnerable to all those attacks that could exploit security gaps.
In other words, the malwriters have an operating system that constantly suffer from 0-day vulnerabilities, destined to remain unresolved.
So, despite the good security config, I advise you not to keep personal data on this machine but on the other you have.
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