Would you rather spend your money on a VPN service or Anti Virus?

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Opera owned(in silent)by Qihoo!I like total security 360 but why would I use opera if I'm not using 360 Total Security? put my privacy at a risk for no reason? also, that unlimited VPN is not a VPN.there is different between a VPN and a proxy for the browser!
Their Surfeasy VPN business remained with original Opera or whatever they call themselves now, Surfeasy business recently sold to Symantec.


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You can't compare both! VPN doesn't protect you against malware, ransomware! and Anti Virus doesn't hide your real IP!
Use both!


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You can have both and for free, Opera unlimited VPN, plus other free VPN, the same way, ZoneAlarm Free, Avira, Kaspersky Free, everything depends on your need, but you can have both without paying anything.
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