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I would say, it is even lighter than before. I think, they have added gaming mode and option to disable notications.
URL filtering does not seems to do/block anything, at least not on Yandex. In a quick test, it blocked 8 out of 10 threats.



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Do you know why is Panda called Panda? - Panda Security

But why the name Panda for a security company? Have a guess! Is it:

a. Because the panda bear is not native to China, as believed, but to Spain, the country of origin of Panda Security.
b. Because the company was founded by a bunch of friends, and bunch of friends in Spanish translates as “panda”.
c. Because one of the creative’s favourite stuffed animal was a panda.
P.S.: I have actually liked it more, when they used the cute panda icon. If they were still using it, I would use it as a realtime AV, just for that alone. :)


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I would say, it is even lighter than before.
I concur, only 9MB here.
The only thing now is that Windows Defender did not "deactivate" itself, MsMpEng.exe still running at a new world heaviest champion record 101 MB!!!
This is very bad when running it by itself, extremely sluggish, but a real pain in the A.. alongside Panda.
Anyone knows the best way to disable this " feature" from Microsoft?



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One question, when you scan for malware also see the registry keys scanned? Greetings friends.
I don't remember keys being visually scanned in the previous version and as far as I'm aware the scanning process hasn't changed.
Hi anyone know if detection has increased ?
Noting new detection wise. Still the same mediocre signatures and slow-to-react behaviour blocker.