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I've just switched to this, from Panda Global Panda Protection. It seems that the only up to date products from Panda, are this and Panda Protection Advanced, which is only available as a monthly subscription. I didn't want to buy a subscription service, and it did not make much sense to buy a license for Global Protection (I was running an extended trial version) when it has not been updated for nearly a year, and seemingly won't receive any future program updates. I had been planning to buy a license for Global Protection, as you can get cheap licenses from eBay, but it just made more sense to switch to an up to date product. It seems strange that Panda still promote and sell Global Protection, Internet Security etc, instead of just selling Panda Protection.

The firewall was the only paid feature I was using, so I'm losing very little by switching to the product, and at least I have a current product now. Also, I will no longer get daily popups encouraging me to buy a license, as you can actually disable the upgrade prompts in the free version.
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