Panda or ESET

  • Panda Internet Security 2015

    Votes: 10 15.6%
  • ESET Smart Security 8

    Votes: 54 84.4%
  • Total voters
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Panda vs ESET
What I am most interested about
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Based on numerous observation and combination of experience, ESET does fine at system performance which alongside of pretty good protection capabilities especially zero day as possible,

Panda is also good and worth to try but in terms of protection then still ESET at its range, one of their features you may use is their Safe Browsing which known to virtualize/sandbox the browser.
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I voted ESET based on my personal use. However I would suggest trying each one and see which works the best for you on your system.
Both suites provide good protection!
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Panda 2015 old PC running slow, but now no visual output and 99.3% success in 99.8% of ESET successfully tested in both accelerated and pandas.

Seen as having failed antivirus software performance and speed varies depending on the pc case, I think.

I call them if I choose Panda.


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Both programs provide good protection but personally I would choose Eset.
but the decision is yours.
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