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Yes 6 mth trial, no big deal it is a good anti-virus with little false positives ,i'll keep it very light to. What did you use instead/?


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Well there is no any official steps about the notification regarding to renew your license or the status of the license key, if insist then follow the directions instead. ;)


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It is because you use a trial version. Do you really like Panda? I can help you to get a 1 year key for panda global.

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Alvaro Varo

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I have installed Panda 2019. Really I have in mind for a moment try other antivirus but the insistence of this Pop up (all 20 minutes!!!) I have make click and suit the procedure for renew. The installer of new version tell me that being necessary uninstall previous version "do you want to uninstall?" Ok. Uninstal. Restart and install new Panda version. But the Pop up continues my work time.
Last opportunity: If you have not a solution for me (tanks in all case) I go uninstall and remove all Panda elements.