If you used all supported browsers, which would you prefer?

  • Panda Safe Web for Firefox/IE (Toolbar)

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  • Panda Safe Web for Chrome (Extension)

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Panda Safe Web for your browsers.

Safer browsing

Panda Safe Web provides instant information about the pages you are about to visit, automatically blocking malicious or dangerous sites.

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Search safely online (Google Chrome) - Chrome Web Store (Includes Anti-Tracking Options)
Panda Safe Web classifies your search results according to their security level. Find out at a glance which websites are safe to click on.

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Access to disinfection tools (Firefox and Internet Explorer) - Disinfection Tools
Get free access to Panda Security's best-of-breed tools to:
  • Disinfect computers
  • Create a rescue USB to clean up infected computers or computers that won't start
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Web browser tuneup and cleanup (Internet Explorer)
Panda Safe Web restores your browser to its original condition, removing unwanted plug-ins and toolbars. Optimize your Web browser for faster performance.

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I agree.

However, this extension forces a change your browser's search provider.
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Tried this software once but decided I don't need it.

I really don't like url web filtering extensions in my browser. I already have a hardware firewall with url filtering and use uBlock Origin.
I heard a conversation inside Panda Labs last year:
PANDA TEAM 1: We have to rename the old panda security toolbar...
PANDA TEAM 2: We already have one, Panda Safe Web!!!