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Enter your email,name and surname to get your license.
"Anrede" = Mr.or Mrs.
Then click "Lizenz kostenlos anfordern" = License for free
Check your mailbox to get the Password Depot license key from AceBIT for free.
Download the giveaway installer and launch it with your language.
On the main window, click on Help/ About/ Unlock. Register it by using the AceBIT Password Depot lifetime license
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Mar 9, 2019

Password Depot​


  • Your information is encrypted not merely once, but in fact twice, thanks to the algorithm AES 256-bit
  • It contains a list of warnings that always keep an eye on your password’s security
  • Protection against dictionary attacks
  • Warning against password expiry
  • Protects your clipboard data in multiple ways
  • Protection from keylogging
  • Creates virtually uncrackable passwords
  • Protects and manages your passwords, data of credit cards, EC cards, software licenses, identities, RDP, Putty and Teamviewer connections, documents or encrypted files
  • Can add file attachments containing e.g. additional information to your password entries
  • Can import both password entries from other password managers into Password Depot as well as export entries from Password Depot
  • Encrypt external files and then directly save them as individual entries within the software


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