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More info: Patch “C” for KAVKISKTSKFA 2017 / KFP 6.0 / KSOS 5.0 / KSeC 1.0 is available for testing now. - Kaspersky Lab Forum

Testable fixes and features:
∙ Bug 1806888:[KSDE][WiFi] No balloon about about license finished after trying for autoconnect
∙ Bug 1824683:[Patch_B] There is a klif error in event logs.
∙ Bug 1837964:[OB] Certificate cant be checked after hibernate due to “no KSN response”.
∙ Bug 1906952:Two KSDE products are installed if install 2017+KSDE(1.0)_bundle over KSDE2.0

Compatibility fixes:
∙ Bug 1848055:[2017 MR0 patch C][Web-AV] URL-Advisor does not mark search results on yandex.ru
∙ Bug 1689734: DUMP: DomainBoundILStubClass!IL_STUB_CLRtoCOM_1BDA2C81

Special bugs and features (where special environment or infrastructure is needed):
∙ Bug 1841269:[2017 MP0 patch C] The product does not do anything when the reserve license has expired.
∙ Bug 1855136:Support: Cannot process localhost connections with active Web-AV
∙ Bug 1855149: Product can't be installed over the previous version residues after upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10
∙ Bug 1855150: Product can't be installed over the previous version residues after upgrade Windows 8 to Windows 10
∙ Bug 1860042:Support: Activation error "The license validity period has expired"
∙ Bug 1867801: DUMP: klim6!InPkt_Deref_877C873B
∙ Bug 1871844:BSOD-ы AMR драйверов не отправляются продуктом на дампсервер
∙ Bug 1878647:Wrong unsecure WiFi network detection
∙ Bug 1902656:[Support] Anti-Banner freezes during dynamic page updates

Features for customizations and localizations will be available with patch integrated builds:
∙ Bug 1855055:[zh-Hant-TW] Wrong language of browser plugins in zh-Hant KAV, KIS and KTS