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Full info: Patch “K” for KAVKISKTSKFA 2017 / KFP 6.0 / KSOS 5.0 / KSeC 1.0
Scope features:
• Requirement 2554603:[BRQ] KSOS5 should support Windows 10 RS4
• Requirement 2507184:[BRQ][Windows 10][RS4]support RS4 - app compat

Fixed problems:
• Bug 2602555:[2017 Patch K][Web-AV] Certificate rights are reset in FF browser with enabled master password
• Bug 2290026:[GUI] Can't scroll lists with touch device
• Bug 2538823:[KFP 6.0] Edge hangs with the stub - safe browser being launched
• Bug 2563642:[SUPPORT] Windows Server backup fails on klmeta.dat file