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Full info: Patch G for KAVKISKTSKFA 2018 / KSeC 2.0 / KSC 1.0
Scope features:
• Requirement 2483890:[BRQ][HTTPS] Show system dialog window with certificates for establishing encrypted connection (2018)
• Requirement 2509164:[BRQ][Support] Solve encrypted connection excessive checks and notifications problem (2018)
• Requirement 2483925:[BRQ][SUPPORT][2] Notify user about MITM problems (2018)
• Requirement 2507165:[BRQ][Windows 10][RS4]support RS4 - app compat

Fixed problems:
• Bug 2562187:SUPPORT: DUMP: KasperskyLab.Platform.NativeInterop.TaskManagerExtension!AskAction[[System.__Canon,mscorli_E55
• Bug 2601020:[2018 Patch G][Web-AV] Certificate rights are reset in FF browser with enabled master password
• Bug 2590637:[2018G] KL icon looks ugly in MS Edge safe-banking mode


Level 3
final patch G Located on Kaspersky Labs.
But no license has yet been issued for products.