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As far as I am aware :) , these softs are playing nicely together. Only one small issue is that WSA blocks keystroke encryption indicator in HMPA 3.1, though encryption still works according HMPA dev.
On my secondary Windows 7 Sp1 Pro 64-bit laptop, I am playing with Emsisoft Internet Security, Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit and VoodooShield (all paid).
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I agree it is OTT but I have not experienced any problems (yet) after configuring these.
Historically I had WSA first, then tried EAM alongside after Fabian Wosar at Emsisoft confirmed 'they should work in parallel just fine'.
I think I would be inclined to drop WSA before EAM (as I have had some WRData folder size problems due to excessive monitoring - even when I ran WSA standalone), but on the other hand would like to retain WSA for it's Identity Shield which is recommended by my bank.
Re the two anti-execs, I think they have different approaches, AG being more policy-based, and ERP more a traditional whitelist approach.
I like to play! And nothing is cast in stone!

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I have EAM with Webroot ;) and Crystal Security, (well and WinPatrol, Malwarebytes Antiexploit :rolleyes:) and i feel mine your philosophy: I like to play! And nothing is cast in stone! :D:D


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if you use EAM + WSA , remove one between ERP and Appguard. You have 2 BBs and 2 4 apps doing the same thing... way too much.
A good suggestion to follow!
Nice Config! Thanks for sharing it :)


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Well by understanding the overall reply from the OP, hence its fine for an advance user ;)

Typically they have different concept in the same category even though we suggest the optimum configuration at all still not an issue. ;)