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Security has never been a problem for me because I don't download anything I shouldn't or go on websites that aren't legitimate. My computer problems consist of Windows updates breaking everything, like ever since the creators update VPN's don't work on my machine and the tech support cant figure it out and my usb devices that never had problems fail and turn off constantly.
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Thanks for sharing :)

As @frogboy recommend, a good tool for creating system images can be the easy solution for many issues such as OS failures and deep malware infections.
Sometimes Windows Update can cause some problems, depending on OS configurations and installed apps, but also active security products may interfere with the correct execution of the updates.


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Implement some type of system backup solution.
Real time protection is not an on demand option so consider adding an on demand scanner(s).
Consider adding HTTPS Everywhere and Privacy Badger to Chrome.
Thanks for sharing your config :)


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To consider:

- Add Macrium Reflect for auto backups
- Turn UAC to max
- Add HTTPS Everywhere to your browser
- Add Zemana as a true on demand scanner

Thanks for sharing.
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Hi, I suggest that you do the following things:
  • Add HTTPS Everywhere
  • Add some second-opinion scanners (on-demand scanners). I suggest Zemana Anti-Malware, HitmanPro, Emsisoft Emergency Kit, or Malwarebytes.
  • Set UAC to Always Notify
  • Create System Image Backups.
  • Install Bitdefender's Security Extension for Chrome.
Thanks for sharing your config! :)
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