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Windows 8.1
I recently downloaded an infected file in my computer that installed a service called
After too many hours of trying I got rid of it, but there is still a virus in my pc.
There is an MSASCuiL.exe in startup programms that no matter how many times I delete comes back. I also cant click on its properties or file location.
There are also 2 svchost.exe in running programms not under the windows tab that are suspicious.
Whenever I try to google malwarebytes and stuff like that my browser closes. I cant ven run malwarebytes in normal mode without closing automatically. The only way to do it is to terminate the two svchost processes and i have a 40 min gap to do anything before they come back.
In safe mode i ran malwarebytes several times and deleted what it found but the problem remains.
please help
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