PIA Version 0.74 Released

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Oct 19, 2017
Operating System
Changes in v74:
  • Improved settings images
  • Linux: Added support for Ubuntu 17.10
  • Linux: Fixed tray icon proportions
  • Windows: Fixed tray icon proportions
SHA-256 Checksums:
pia-v74-installer-win.exe: 92a2b685e368de103baaf39dbecd885eab04ba764020d6b783559c4178d46b9d

pia-v74-installer-mac.dmg: f5d86132dca72b1cfae13ca84d9322e5c8402c12aab44f8089bb7be8aa927fc3

pia-v74-installer-linux.tar.gz: 197b535b8a30354a2c381717a243ffd9ac47b5409f3bae01f0101f4f87be1fd3
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