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Which is better Auto-pilot mode or normal on realtime-scanning, and "Home/Office" with Non Stealsh or "Public" with Stealth Mode on Firewall?

Hello, everyone. Thank you for your accessing here.

Now I have a question about Bitdefender Total Security 2017. I want to ask you about it.

I have just upgreaded my anti-malware software to the latest version of Bitdefender Total Security 2017(English) from last version. I was using Bitdefeder Total 2016 until the last week.

I configured the soft, and using now. It looks good. But I think that it takes too long time for me when Bitdefender updates every-hour. Then my PC is heavy a little. I feel it.
And I heard that Internet Speed is depended on Firewall settings when Bitdefender is used. I also want to improve the speed if I can it.

I am going to select Auto-pilot mode due to set Bitdefender for more light, and better for using PC.
But I cannot get information that shoud I select Auto-pilot mode.
Is Auto-pilot mode safe as same as normal (manual) mode? And what settings does Auto-pilot mode configure for security of PC?

I will configure Firewall of Bitdefender for get more improved Internet Speed, if I can it.
Is the setting that "Home/Office" with Non-Stealth Mode Safe enough? Do I have to turn on "Public" with Stealth Mode?

~My Settings~
1.Now I am trying Auto-Pilot Mode.
2.On-access scanning: Normal
3.Active Threat Control: Aggressive
4.Protection against fraud and phishing: Enabled
5.Scan SSL is enabled
6.Firewall is configured that...
"Home/Office" as Network Type, Enable Stealth Mode and "Generic".

Could you teach me about above questions? By the way, I may be not able to reply your answers soon in English well. Excuse me. But I will read all replies.

Thank you.


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Question 1:


Autopilot does not have an effect on the protection level. If you modify any setting, for example the "Active Threat Control" level, the setting will stay.

Question 2:



I am using the Home/Office network type, the rest is default. I don't recommend disabling stealth mode.


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I have problem in setting BD FW, I want to set maximum protection by select network type as public and enable the stealth mode but then I lost my mapped network drive, FW blocks it, I have to set the network type as home/work and disable the stealth mode then mapped network drive can be accessed or I have to create exclusion for certain IP address. this makes me unsure about the FW protection whether it's secure or not


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Hello everyone. First, I'm sorry for the too late reply.

I read all messages at this board, and the messages ware helping my choosing about Anti-malware Softwares.

I chose Avast Free Antivirus and EMET, because I realized that I cannot adopt drastic improvement about performance of Bitdefender on my PC.

Thank you very much for your comments. They ware helping my choosing about the next Anti-malware software for my PC.

Thank you;)
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