Privacy News Police warn partnership with tech industry ‘at risk’ over end-to-end encryption


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Aug 17, 2017
The partnership between law enforcement and the technology industry is “at risk” due to end-to-end encryption, warned a joint declaration on Sunday from European police chiefs.

Although the company was not named in the statement, it follows social media giant Meta announcing in December that it had begun rolling out the technology as default across “all personal chats and calls on Messenger and Facebook.”

End-to-end encryption is a way of designing communications so that the encryption is applied and disapplied by the end devices, making it impossible for the service or network provider — or any hackers accessing the network — to read the contents of messages.

The move by Meta was welcomed by privacy campaigners, however law enforcement agencies had long warned that this lack of access would undermine their work tackling online harms, particularly child sexual exploitation.

ForgottenSeer 109138

Hmm they might have to follow the "oh never mind there is no laws on this" to obtain information from the social giant.

Internet privacy indeed, you could be a terrorist, or a rapest, hardened criminal, they won't know unless they can read everything you do. How else will they know what your up to and where your at. This is their argument to strip you of any rights you foolishly believed you had. They want full transparency, and so do the criminals, ironic huh?
Mar 7, 2020
The thing they want is control and to see everything you do. They just say 'think of the children' to justify it, since it is more difficult to argue against. Should we punish 99% to capture the 1%?
Should everyone keep their doors unlocked at all times, so that the police can come and go as they wish? Should the police open and read every single letter you send, just to know that your letters don't contain anything illegal?
If the police got everything they ever wanted, we would have surveillance cameras in our homes and wouldn't be able to go a second without being watched/tracked.

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