Troubleshoot Possible virus- 2FA SMS


New Member
Feb 12, 2021

So i have a problem with my 2FA SMS on my mobile phone.
So about 2 months ago i noticed the my 2FA messages had a typo in them: "Please use code xxxx.Thank you ! See you latter."
And i'm speaking about almost all my 2FA messages regardless of the service/site that is sending them.
I checked and in the past they we're more personalised for example "This is your code xxxx for your Sony account" etc.
Could i be a victim of a sniffing malware ?That receives the messages and fw them to me ?
Also just yesterday i noticed that when i logged for the first time on my etoro account on my PC, the message was: "Code for eToro: xxxxx" and after that i logged out and when i logged in again i received the strange messages with typos

Thank you,