How would you rate Private Firewall 7.0 ?

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Level 31
I have tested PF by itself against malware and nothing bypassed it so it is top notch in my book!


I have used it as well as many other third party firewalls, and it is up in my top 3 favorites.. Light, easy to use..


Level 17
which combo will be more compatible and smooth in Windows 8.1? PF + Eset AV or PF + windows defender?
I believe both are ok but I d like to hear your experience.


Retired Staff
To be honest, you don't need a third-party firewall on Windows 8.1.
If you always utilize UAC prompts (never approve anything without checking first), pay attention to SmartScreen notifications and use Windows Defender it will protect you. Of coarse never download files from unknown sources or install suspicious programs.

On Windows 8.1 most third-party firewalls makes Windows response time longer. You can test this on your system, just uninstall your third-party firewall, enable Windows Firewall and reboot. Use you system for normal activities and see how much faster you system will run when launching programs and using Windows features. Third-party boot network drivers somehow really slow down Windows 8.1.

Enjoy!! :D


Level 37
Private Firewall 7 which works just fine for us on our Windows XP SP3.:) On the other hand, I have 'listened' & thus followed the advice of experienced members here (including Littlebits) all of whom know that Windows Firewall offers superior protection, along with UAC (set to "Always notify" or at least "Notify when apps attempt to make changes") & default AV, both combinations are viably active for Windows 7 & Windows 8.1, and do not require the use of a 3rd party firewall like Private Firewall.;) That's GOOD news!:D


Level 6
Another 10+ vote for this superb firewall.I use it for more than 2 years and i combined it with a diversity of AVs like Avira free,AVG Pro,Panda Cloud Pro,Bitdefender AV Pro,Bullguard and now with Avast free.I could say without a doubt that Privatefirewall is a part of my OS...;)


New Member
private firewall needs lot's of improvement in terms of firewall security protection to be considered as a good third party firewall software , improvements are required in the proper detection of each & every incoming & outgoing connection attempts made by any programs known or unknown from or to the system , port scan & buffer overflow & ddos attack detection & complete blocking needs to be improved & implemented if not present currently in private firewall because these are the most important firewall security protection parameters needed in any basic free or paid firewall software , detection level of intrusion & modern zero day hack attempts & techniques needs to be improved a lot lot more in private firewall because currently these features are very negligible in private firewall , lastly compatibility issues with windows 8/8.1 & latest versions of various popular & regularly used web browsers like google chrome & firefox & comodo dragon & other software programs needs to be improved a lot lot more
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Level 16
just use the firewall and I have no problems with it, it works very well with my system I can not complain about it.:D