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Computer started acting up about a month and half ago. The initial symptoms were programs continuously loading and not starting up and the programs when launched continue to say "Not Responding."

I ran a complete scan with Malware Bytes and removed the necessary items that were identified. I then ran the FRST scan as directed in the Before You Post forum posting of how to proceed before starting my new thead.

I'd appreciate it if someone could please review the logs and let me know if there really is anything wrong with the computer or some other issue.




Level 41

Scan with MGADiag

Need to check one more thing.
  • Please download MGADiag by Microsoft and save it to your desktop.
  • Double-click on
    icon to start the tool.
  • PressContinuewhen prompted.
  • When it has finished, press Copy.
  • Press the
    + R on your keyboard at the same time. Type Notepad and click OK.
  • Paste (Ctrl+V) this into notepad and save to your desktop.
Include that report in your reply.
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