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Microsoft has Sony up against the ropes and is landing some solid shots, especially the backwards compatibility.

This new Xbox will add a lot of fuel to the 4K migration fire I can't wait to see what the game developers can do with it.


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Microsoft's "Project Scorpio" is one of the most anticipated consoles in the recent years. The "most powerful" console has been kept under wraps for the most part, but that seems to be changing as the company has, apparently, given Eurogamer exclusive rights to a console reveal.

The popular gaming site announced it in a tweet:


What this "reveal" entails is still unknown, but it is safe to assume that it would focus on the hardware. We reported the partial list of titles that the console would be coming out with, but we probably won't be seeing them in action. However, the site may uncover its internals and specs, which have been a topic of debate among enthusiasts of the platform.

The "premium" console comes with 6 TeraFlops of power, an 8-core processor, and the promise of true 4K gaming with enhanced graphics for 1080p TVs. This will be a true test for Microsoft, since we've not heard much about the product outside of praise from the Xbox Chief, and a token of appreciation from GameStop. Depending on how this reveal plays out, Microsoft may focus more on the software and a possible Panos-style unveiling of the product rather than its specs for its E3 event.

Source: Twitter (Eurogamer)


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Think of a Premium console, it will be more expensive than current Xbox One S and possibly more than the original Xbox One Launch Day console.
I mean i like the 12 gbs of ram in that system,but i also remember that the Xbox One is basely a Windows 10 pc.