Q&A Protect shared computer from certain users....


Level 2
May 20, 2017
So i'm trying to protect certain user accounts on a shared computer. I know from the past they will click about anything. If they hit a page that says you have to install x to be able to watch this video they will try to install it. Since i do a lot of banking & other such activity on this computer it is critical i secure it. I haven't used shadow defender in years. I thought maybe it was possible to turn on shadow mode automatically for a specific user when they log in but it doesn't look like it has that type of functionality. To bad it would have made it easy and just rolled back everything. I will of course have a good AV installed: either kaspersky or bitdefender and they will have standard user (non-admin) accounts. Is there anything else i can use to ensure this computer remains clean? Hopefully something that doesn't require an expensive subscription and that doesn't make me on a different account jump through hoops to work. I felt really safe in the past because i was using arch but unfortunately because work @ home i had trouble getting arch to work with my mic in full duplex which i need for Microsoft Teams and i had to repave with windows enterprise.