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Jan 8, 2011
Proton News: The Proton Sentinel high-security program | Proton

Published on August 16, 2023
Today, we are making the Proton Sentinel high-security program available to anyone who wants the highest level of account security protection and support.

If you are subscribed to a Proton Visionary, Lifetime, Family, Unlimited, or Business plan, you can go to and enable Proton Sentinel in Settings → Go to settings → Account → Security and Privacy.

The need for advanced protection​

Today, we are launching Proton Sentinel, a high-security program that will allow our teams and systems to better protect users who need the most security. This program was motivated by our years of experience serving high-profile people and organizations from around the world. Some of our most security-demanding users include journalists from the largest publications, governments of several countries, leaders of international peace organizations, heads of major religions, and members of parliaments. Accounts such as these have a high risk of being attacked by criminals or state-backed hackers. We are now ready to provide the same level of advanced protection and support that we reserved for these VIPs to any Proton user that wants it through the Proton Sentinel program.

Users who enable Proton Sentinel will enjoy benefits such as:
  • Advanced protection that will be more likely to detect and challenge suspicious events such as login attempts.
  • Suspicious events will be escalated 24/7 to security analysts who will review the assessments made by our automated systems, providing a level of security that’s only possible by combining AI with human expertise.
  • Support requests related to account security will automatically escalate to trained security specialists.
The Proton Sentinel program distinguishes itself from other enhanced protection programs by going beyond strengthening the default protections (Proton’s defaults are already very secure). Proton Sentinel surpasses everything that has come before due to the human element.

Accounts enrolled in the Proton Sentinel program are not just monitored 24/7 by software but also by teams of security analysts who are experts at detecting infiltration and account takeover attempts. This provides protection and support that greatly exceeds what is possible via automated systems alone.

Finally, we believe users are the ultimate guardians of their security, so Proton Sentinel users will see more account security alerts and information for self-monitoring. Important events in security logs, such as logins and account changes, will have a new column called Protection, showing any defensive actions our systems took. There will also be other useful information, such as the operating system and device that triggered the event.



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