Updates ProtonVPN version 1.18.2 released with NetShield


Level 11
Jan 28, 2016
I've just received another email from them pretty much along the same lines, including suggesting I disable my antivirus so I can use v1.18.2. Not exactly great advice. Ah well, some people reckon antiviruses are overrated:)


Level 15
Jan 26, 2020
I reported to them last week that I got a BSOD every time I tried to connect to 1.18.2 (1.17.1, my previous version, works fine). Sent logs etc and I now see they've pulled all 1.18 versions. My AV is Kaspersky SCF so that's one of the AV's they're referring to. I have to say I've been very unimpressed with their support so far. They seem more concerned in concealing there was an issue than telling me the truth. Despite several emails from them no mention of AV conflicts. I'll report back as to how things are resolved.
I don't like this policy. Honesty is the best policy. What you said made me dislike ProtonVPN.