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Dec 20, 2019
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Dec 27, 2019
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Level 19
Thank you for the reasonable offer/share!

Aside from having an extremely COOL name, is PureVPN considered to be among the preferred brand names?

Thanks :cool:

If you value your privacy , than better stay away from this. Read further here , and yes that is a trustworthy vpn review site ;)



Level 22
I bought this VPN a year or so off StackSocial for a pittance, two year license - if I know someone I really disliked who wants a VPN licensee I will give my license to them. I didn't know much about VPN's then, I know a lot more now & one thing is avoid the clunky difficult / slow to connect VPN - With questionable ethics & security - A bad VPN is far worse than no VPN at all.