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Jan 8, 2011
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Here is a summary of the current web page context:
  • Qi2 standard: The Wireless Power Consortium announces the first Qi 2.0 devices, which support magnetic alignment and 15 W wireless charging for compatible devices.
  • Magnetic Power Profile: Qi2 uses a Magnetic Power Profile (MPP), developed with Apple’s MagSafe team, to help devices and chargers align their coils for faster and more efficient charging.
  • Compatibility and speed: Qi2 devices can charge at 15 W on Qi2 chargers, regardless of the vendor. This matches the speed of iPhones on MagSafe chargers, but is still slower than some proprietary schemes that offer up to 50 W.
  • Implications and future plans: Qi2 simplifies the wireless charging market and offers more universal compatibility. It also opens up possibilities for magnetic accessories and attachments. Qi2 intends to standardize charging speeds above 15 W by mid-2024.


Read more: Qi2 wireless charging spec is here, offering speed boosts and magnets

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