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The site doesn't say anything Beta. Maybe they are thinking that common users will be the beta testers.


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360 Total Security offers you complete protection against viruses and other new type of threats. When you shopping on line, downloading files, browsing webpage, 360 Total Security protect you from cybercrime at any moment. Furthermore, you can perform one-click cleanup feature to keep your PC in optimal condition.

360 Total Security key features:

  • Integrated five top award antivirus engines including 360 Cloud Engine / QVMII / Avira and Bitdefender to offer you complete protection and best detection.
  • Manage and optimize boot-up applications / plug-ins and services. Shorten your PC boot time, let it get ready soon.
  • Save disk space, cleans junk from your computer and makes it run more efficiently.
  • Protect your computer away from malware / phishing / backdoor and new type of threats via fastest and more intelligent cloud technology.
5 engines !!!! Avira+ Bitdefender both engine included!!!!!



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I installed this on a desktop with less than 1GB Ram, it said the system lacked the minimum RAM for either enabling the Bitdefender and Avira engine. So 360 TS recommended to disable those AV engines. I appreciate that.

However, running only the first three engines is a nightmare. Lots of false positives during the first quick scan - spotted some legit Windows Files as suspicious/malicious.

Hope they could improve their inhouse heuristic engines.

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can not download bitdefender and avira engine always showing incorrect proxy setting .............. pls suggest something


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I played around with 360TS for a bit and found a few things:

1). Note that although the Sandbox is absent in this version, the installation routine does drop a 360Sandbox directory (hidden system), so the sandbox looks like it will come (although if it is on-demand only I find it of dubious value).

2). As 360TS is still a beta it wouldn't to be proper to give specific detection data, but as I suspected Avira really seems to be adding little to the product. Although a company stating that a product has added one or two additional detection engines is always an initial Wowie-Zowie moment, this often will pale on reflection. As an example, how many would get excited if Kaspersky added ClamAV to their product (perhaps a bit harsh as an analogy, but I'm sure you get my drift).

3). It seems that the Proactive Module seen in 360IS is crippled in 360TS. Even though I haven’t had time to do any extensive testing I did see that whereas 360IS will prevent any spawned daughters from autostarting, 360TS does not have this ability at present. Calling a spade a spade, this will lead to payload malware dropped to start and keep on starting.

4). The absence of a firewall in conjunction with the not fully implemented Proactive module will allow malware to connect to the Internet to do various dirty deeds.

5) Finally, it is keylogger aware, a good thing.

So to conclude, for production machines please keep your distance from 360 Total Security, at least until it matures.


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It has some serious issues with Action Center. Sometimes, it's detected as "ON", sometimes it's not. And sometimes, it won't be detected at all in the system.


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It is still in beta.

Context menu scan is not showing.
Windows action center shows 360 total security is turned off.
Don't show any proactive settings.
Sandbox that is available in 360 internet security is missing in 360 total security.


I installed it on my real system. I downloaded a malware. There is no alert from Qihoo total. After that I scan it from the custom scan interface, it can catch :confused: I un-installed quiclky. I do not understand why it can't detect it when real-time protection is on.


I think Total Security should have only Avira engine with its own ones. I agree with you Jaspion
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