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Facebook integration can be deactivated via the General Settings.

Facebook > Page not found (doesn't appear to exist)​

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I mean Facebook shouldn't be integrated into the program. I wish I didn't have to look at a feature that's occupying the GUI as something important but which is irrelevant to me. I mean, why does the program need this level of FB integration, anyway, couldn't it protect FB links like any other AV?


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Yeah, I agree.

Not sure which sounds better:

1. Facebook holds user data, allowing an App access gives them basic information such as Full name, DOB and Email address. Alternatively, they could have used Login with Facebook, instead of forcing users to register with an email.

2. Imagine having 2 million users of your free software, but you had no way of contacting them for marketing ie. Program Updates, Newsletters, Security Tips etc.


Level 7

At stand still but after running scan it reaches approx 350,000k and buggy

1) Self Defence wont activate (Asks me to reinstall which I did approx 7 times)
2) Sites.dll and one other file some times get corrupt
3) I ran eicar (test file), no real time protection the file ran without any problem


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^^ they have to work a lot, its tough to control and co-ordinate 5 engines, specially Avira and bitdefender engines as both are offline engines....


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Has anyone tested the newest version to see how it stand-up to Mal-ware?;)
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I installed it on my real system. I downloaded a malware. There is no alert from Qihoo total. After that I scan it from the custom scan interface, it can catch :confused: I un-installed quiclky. I do not understand why it can't detect it when real-time protection is on.
What about real-time protection ?
Please download the EİCAR and please tell me how TS move against it ? Real-time protection is working???


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well, it should be :rolleyes: there is no BETA sign like in previous versions...

it works fine by now, all engines are ON, protection mode: Security

Ram usage around 170mb, (much less with bitdefender and avira engine turned off)


Level 13
Installed on the virtual machine, at least now added the context menu for scanning.
Is having a huge delay to update the 2 engines still,
Updated after a long time after initialization, at least this version can upgrade database!
for me is working perfectly, it seems that added a function wifi security checked


Level 24
Its web protection is not working or is this feature not in it.
No web protection extension was added to Firefox and chrome.
I checked some phishing link but none was blocked by Qihoo.

Additionally Qihoo internet security does not update there malicious url and phishing website database.

On 17 April 2014 i noted down this data after database update.
trojan website : 910833
phishing website : 2932451

Still in month of may it is showing same data.
This shows Qihoo is not updating these url database.


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But how then qihoo block new links from phishtank?o_O

Q360 TS web protection works but only for internet explorer :/


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But how then qihoo block new links from phishtank?o_O

Q360 TS web protection works but only for internet explorer :/
Yes web protection only working for internet explorer.
There's two type of web protection. One for which a database is downloaded locally which i think has not been updated for months.
Second which is cloud based. That is detecting new phishing links.
Still i have not seen Qihoo detecting malicious url.

Its buggy. Also some features need to be added and some existing feature need to be improved.
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