Fel Grossi

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Hello Community!

New version of 360 Total Security announced on the official website!

Version - Jul 31, 2015

Download: http://free.360totalsecurity.com/totalsecurity/360TS_Setup_Mini.exe

What's new in the latest version?
  • Fixed: Bug fixes

360safe support team (Qihoo):

Welcome to visit our website: http://www.360totalsecurity.com/

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E-mail: support@360safe.com



New Member
I have a bug in latest version. When i check for updates, it keeps detecting the 1040 and asks me to upgrade.
I already have it installed. :p I am using Windows 10 pro 64bit.

Fel Grossi

Level 12
Malware Tester
@Razor555 Same with me, I had already installed and asked to install again. But I do not see this as a big problem, just installed again.

@OpenSecLabs I also like how they are focused on product improvements and launching constant updates.