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Hi guys,

I have decided to give Bitdefender IS 2013 a try. I purchased Bitdefender some months back and didn't like it at the time. I felt it was to bulky and did not like the minimal firewall interaction. I have done some reading that says that the maximum settings provide a lot better protection than the default settings in 2013. I don't have any expierence with it. Could someone who has more expierence give me their input on this? Should i just run it with the default settings, or should the settings be tweaked a bit for better protection? If so please let me know what I should change. I would like to have the best possible protection for my PC. However, I do have two laptops I plan to install this on as well. One user will be my 9 year old son, and the other will be my mother. Should I just stick with the default instalation for them?



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Hi there!
I don't know what the other members of the forum think, but I think Bitdefender is excellent (although I'm using the Total Security version instead of the IS version)

My recommendations is to change the settings and not to run on the default ones.
Although I suggest feedback from other members as well since they may have more experienced.

I use these settings and find the them to suit my needs:
(which is maximum protection)

Antivirus Settings:
.On-access scanning = Agressive
.Active virus control = Agressive

Antispam settings:
.Protection level = Agressive (but I suggest Normal)
Heuristic filter & Link filter = On

In-the-cloud detection = On

Privacy Control Settings:
.Show Bitdefender toolbar = On
.Search Advisor = On
.Scan SSL = On
.Protection against fraud = On
.Protection against phising = On
.Data protection = On

Firewall (under Advanced)
Intrusion Detection System = On (Set to Agressive)
Block port scan = On

Last settings I have is:
In the main interface click "manage adapters" in the Firewall tab
Set "Stealth Mode" to On and Generic to Yes.
Also Network type should be Public.

Generic does the following:
"If the IP address of a network adapter is changed, Bitdefender modifies the network
type accordingly. If you want to keep the same type, select Yes from the
corresponding drop-down menu."

Thats my recommended settings.
Hope that they help! :)


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Thanks a lot for your reply! I greatly aprreciate it. I will give these settings a try and see how I like them. Will these settings provide a lot of popups and user interaction? Trying to figure out if they would be suitable for the other two installs as well. What do you do with the autopilot setting? Do you leave it on autopilot or put it on user?


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As long as you have Bitdefender set to "Auto-Pilot"
Then this does not generate any pop-ups, and no user interaction will be needed.

I use autopilot myself because I think it works well, but if you want more control you should set it to "User" and set Firewall to "Paranoid"
However that will generate alot of popups and user interaction will be needed.

So I suggest, let the autopilot do it's work! ;)

As for your other setups I think you should use these settings as well.


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Thanks again for all your help. I think this will work very well then. I can get more control for me and maximum protection. I can also get maximum protection with no confusing popups for my mother and son. Sounds like a win win situation to me! Thanks again I appreciate it greatly.