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I'm with Eddie... in that it's better in general to know more about a company as opposed to knowing less.

In the US, being a corporation or an LLC does have reporting and information requirements for multiple government agencies. The specifics... I don't really know that much about.

It is probably doubtful that VS has a relationship with any US government entity.... other than possibly the general examination of the product.
Feels like targetted harassment for me, as we don't have those answers for most of the other software we been using.

As others have said as well, you'll find more success contacting them directly.


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It' s only gotten worse and more out-in-the-open under the wannable dictator and serial liar Trump. You could not believe what is allowed here - IF YOU HAVE THE MONEY!

It's amusing to me how this can happen. Yet it is true too that one turn of Congress would write this lack of oversight into the history books. Like the Facebook hearings. They were the politest form of pre-school education for Americans and Congressional representatives. Still, I'm sure that the hearings left a good number of the deeper thinkers in Washington very unsatisfied with progress on privacy and accountability issues.

We'll see, but I still contend that the only thing that will satisfy Congress is a full look into the concept of "ethical programming". Until this term can be DEFINED from every angle, Congress will be overrun with unanswerable questions about the activities of companies, and American security organizations will be chasing their tails to try to keep up with the flood after flood of cataclysmic (imo) data breaches and of identity and content theft-on every imaginable scale it seems too. In the end, trying to single out any company will be unsatisfying. In order to develop easily translatable language for law and regulation for all, the knowledge in such a study will be required. This will be the language that cannot be misinterpreted by the courts.
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