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Quickheal 2013 Beta has been released. Although no official word on their site yet, but this site has download links and screenshots.

It is also including a browser sandbox.

Pls note that the download link will start from bitcast.
Do not worry Bitcast is a file hosting service provided by Tata services. This is the official sites where all quickheal downloads are hosted.


Thanks for the link ReviewsAntivirus.
By the way, is your youtube channel having problems?


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QK is really not good..and i really dont understand why should people in india talk high things about it...avast,KIS,ESET is far better than QK


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I disagree with Malware killer no security products last on my pc for more than 2-3months. Quickheal has worked for approx 7months. I have tried every way of infecting my pc but it has failed. Quickheal works great.