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A new information stealer, dubbed Raccoon, is rapidly gaining popularity with cybercriminals. In just a few months, researchers say the malware has already infected hundreds of thousands of devices across the world to rove through victims’ credit card data, email credentials and more.

The malware is not overly sophisticated or innovative, but its malware-as-a-service (MaaS) model gives cybercriminals a quick-and-easy way to make money stealing sensitive data.
In fact, researchers say that despite only emerging a few months ago, Raccoon is already one of the top 10 most-mentioned malwares in the underground economy right now.

“Based on the logs for sale in the underground community, Raccoon is estimated to have infected over 100,000 endpoints worldwide within a few months,” said researchers with Cybereason in a Thursday analysis. “It is easy to operate for technical and nontechnical individuals alike, lending it mass appeal. Moreover, the team behind Raccoon is constantly working to improve it and provide responsive service. It gives individuals a quick-and-easy way to make money stealing sensitive data without investing a lot of funds or having a deep technical background.”
ah, cus the raccoon is a bandit.

malware as a service? New to me and wtf. I guess this is a new dimension to persistence.Interesting that this would popular among nontechnical users. Not exactly sure why I find that striking but I do.

How does a user protect themselves against this maas raccoon?