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While I have used RADIUS when connecting to corporate networks, I'm not aware of its mechanics other than the request to install a certificate when joining for the first time.

Assuming (?) authentication is certificate based and not password based, it should be more secure.

In the past wep was broken and I have seen papers on attacks for WPA2, though don't know how realistic these are and how widespread but in any case, home network wireless seems to have been be a weak link.

Other than authenticating the server with a cert, what more does RADIUS offer in terms of security ?
Does anyone use RADIUS in their home network? how do they find administering it in terms of time burden, is it a 1-off to set it up and then minimal maintenance?
Which home or small business routers support RADIUS ?
Id like to know because as a home user the best security Ive been told are to have a strong password and to hide my wifi and that is it.Weak link indeed!!!


Level 4
WPA2 Enterprise establishes dynamically generated keys for each authenticated session so there is no fixed key that could be compromised by compromising a device, or offline cracked using GPUs.
On the other hand, authentication takes much longer so without support for 802.11r from your access point, you could see significant dropouts during roaming that you wouldn’t see with PSK.