Video RansomOff - First Look at New User Interface

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Do you like new GUI?

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Aug 2, 2015
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I like the taskbar right click menu but the application itself looks mediocre, old and dull.
I'm sorry but I agree with this, it does SHvFl. I have never been a big fan but they need to go another direction with that setup.
Thanks Capt. for another good share ;)
Wait, don't we have that area that either @Spawn or @Exterminator posted all those cool UI ideas ?
I think they were in the Trusted Members area, if Dev's have access to that area here then maybe the Dev can look in there for inspiration ? could help and he is a member here, I think.
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Mar 27, 2017
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I also think that it is not that good as I have expected.
GUI seems to be dull and the colors used are not upto my liking.
Also the guard icon on the main screen is not neat.
Finally,the popup screen is just
so dark and unpleasant that it mostly resembles the early detection popups used by some classical products that date back to 1980s and produce an effect that we are not dealing with a GUI based application but rather with an old,not-so pleasant popup system.
These are my personal opinions only.
If you find any of my suggestions helpful, that would be a great achievement for me.


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Nov 19, 2014
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@Trickster GUI interface is like a girl.
SHvFl like this girl but you like that girl.
Is your girl ugly? NO
IS @SHvFl GF ugly? Nah:cautious:
I mean it's about Tastes:notworthy:i like this Gui but another one may dislike it:D
Sure taste is subjective but there are "standards". I might find my gf beautiful but that doesn't mean that for the average guy she also looks beautiful. If by what is considered "standard" by the average person she is ugly then she is ugly.
At some point we have to quantify stuff even if it's subjective or else the planet would be in anarchy. Sure if you make something great then you can change standard but good luck doing that. Sounds good, doesn't work as my good friend once said.
In software you need to be in the range of Microsoft and Google to be able to change thing as you like regardless of what people will think.
Sep 1, 2017
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Wow! Great software. For free as well?! I'm going to look into this even more now. How new is this software? To be honest I haven't heard about this software before.


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Apr 13, 2013
Anker- when you are testing it please note the various settings for the HIPS (which is a good thing). A balance must be struck between applying the settings that will stop malware while also leaving those settings that will trigger FP's alone. I know there is an optimal configuration but only folk like you will lead us into the light!

However I will say that in the short time I had my way with RO I was impressed by its ability to squash worms (even those with unconventional persistence mechanisms) as well as it being able to stop a very nasty RAT. I actually completed a video about the latter last week but am reticent to publish it as I'm not sure of the proper settings to be used to yield real-world applicability.