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Jan 29, 2017
Another anti-ransomware placebo. At least this one is "free" (considering the protection it offers). Sad, but it seems so many "anti-" programs are more scandalous than the ransomware they claim to prevent.... as we get fleeced ponying-up for the software and then face the ransom payment when the "anti-" fails to deliver.

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Protects regardless of attack method
*Except for during system start-up... Pretty stupid they cannot protect for malware auto-starting once the user session has been created :ROFLMAO:

Knew it was all talk from the minute the promotion was posted here on a thread. Looked at the website and saw the marketing... Spoke for itself. When you try hard with marketing you start to make false claims and appear pressured and that is usually a good indicator that it isn't all as it seems


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Apr 13, 2013
Hi Guys- Although I promised myself absolutely NO social media for a while, I would direct you to view the comments made by the Developer on YouTube for this video (I'm not trying to get more views- if I wanted a million I would post a video of Ophelia coughing up a hairball...). Although I was overly Cruel on the video (how can I not be?), they took the video not as an insult but as the constructive criticism that I intended it to be. They acknowledged the current shortcomings of the product and are striving to fix them. Their response was both very honest and very gracious and speaks well of future product development.

I just hope that I can dissuade them for NEVER EVER trying to turn their product into an All-In-One malware product as this has never yet ended well.