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Jan 8, 2011

Read their FAQ for more details.

What is Re:scam?
Re:scam is an initiative aimed to help people from becoming fraud victims by occupying the time and resources of scammers through deploying a well-educated artificially intelligent chat-bot. Instead of junking or deleting a scam email, you can now forward it to Re:scam who will continue the conversation indefinitely – or until the scammer stops replying.

Re:scam can take on multiple personas, imitating real human tendencies with humour and grammatical errors, and can engage with infinite scammers all at once, meaning it can continue any email conversation for as long as possible. Re:scam will now turn the tables on the scammers by wasting their time, and ultimately damage the profits for scammers.

The campaign will look to raise awareness of the growing threat of scams, and build on the reputation of Netsafe and their work to create a safer internet.

Who are Netsafe?
Netsafe is a not-for-profit organisation.

Netsafe is an independent, not for profit New Zealand organisation focused on online safety. We’re committed to helping everyone in New Zealand take advantage of digital opportunities by providing support to manage and resolve online safety challenges. Our work includes providing education, advice and awareness about challenges like online bullying, abuse and scams.

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Aug 2, 2020
So what if the scammers are also using AI chat bots for their scams.
Then we have two AI's messaging each other and then before you know it SKYNET is real!

I can see these type of AI chat bots being used for nefarious roles as well.