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Jan 24, 2011
1.General rules for all the forums : Rules
2.Specific rules for this forum:
This section of the forum provides help in identifying, removing malware and other general questions about malware.
Please note that forum is staffed by volunteers.
Be patient whilst waiting for a reply - there are no guaranteed turnaround times!
Please read the following rules and guidelines prior to opening a new topic in this section.

Forum Rules:

  • Do not post for help in other users topics. Click the "new topic" button.
  • Do not use foul language
  • Do not post links to malicious websites or potentially malicious websites
  • Avoid attaching malware or posting links to malware unless advised by a staff member. If malware is undetected or you suspect it to be malicious, send it to the lab instead. Instructions here
  • Please don't follow advice given in another topic unless advised by a qualified member to do so.
  • Please post in one topic only, do not create multiple topics on the same issue and do not cross post in other forums regarding the same issue.

Posting a new topic
If you have a question please start your own topic by pressing the new topic button and avoid posting your issue in other users topics (hijacking a topic), except if it's dealing with an identical false positive.

When posting a new topic please follow these steps:

  1. Give the topic a name to individualize it and so that it's logical. Avoid naming your topics 'I am infected', 'Please help' and so on or they will be hard to distinguish.
  2. Describe your issue as best as possible including symptoms and file locations and malware name detected by Kaspersky or another security product. Posting screenshots would also help.
  3. Mention the date the issue started and the initial symptoms you experienced.
  4. Describe what steps have you taken (if any) in order to remove the problem, include the names of the 3rd party tools you have used.

Offered Advice
Follow advice regarding malware removal only from qualified members;
Only the members of the Staff Team are qualified to help you.

Do not execute scripts written by unqualified users or it may have adverse effects.
Other users are of course welcomed to help in matters that don't involve manual malware removal operations or declaring a computer clean, such as helping with solving vulnerabilities, false positives (detected clean files) or false negatives (undetected malware).
Do not attempt to write a script yourself if you were not answered in a reasonable period of time (2-3 days), or it may have adverse effects. Instead try to add more information to your topic.
Do not follow guides and instructions to remove malware found through online searches, some guides may result in you putting more malware on your pc. Also do not offer such instructions for other users to follow. If you have any questions about those guides PM a moderator asking about them.
After running a script a qualified member (see above in "Offered Advice") might ask for the quarantine log created by different tools, please send it over PM (Private Message) and avoid sending it to other forum members even if they ask for it, be it on the forum or in a Private Message. To send a private message, click on the name of the user on the left side, next to his post and click send message.

We don't condone piracy here since it's illegal (and a common cause for infections), so if we spot evidence of or suspect piracy by any user asking for help, we may deny further help and close the topic unless valid proof can be provide that proves otherwise.
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