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Any wise shopper knows how to look for deals. I bought WSA for a mere $5. Eset Antivirus for $15. If that is too much for you then you have isssues. As far as sticking to just free. Only one choice and that is Avast.
That's not too much for me....but they re not categorised as free AVs.
Furthurmore,you can find lots of giveaways to use paid products for free(3 to 9 months)
Kaspersky,Bitdefender,ESET,even WSA you ve bought, have these what?

Can any reviewer mention these options as free softwares when he has an article about "The Best Free Products 2014"?!!!:cool:

Regarding the second section of your post(Avast Free),I agree with you :)


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All the products I posted above are good in protection, removal and response time. If you wanna have something "lightweight" then use what works good on your PC, the protection level will not be "that good".


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You recommend Hitman Pro's free version as the final step in removing malware, but when I went to download it Google Chrome gave a warning: "Setup.exe is malicious and Chrome has blocked it." I followed all the other steps and my computer appears to be free of all malware and pups, should I attempt to download this program via another browser or just not bother with it at all?


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Hitman Pro does extremely well as an on-demand scanner.
If chrome is blocking it, try a different download site, or try the vendors site.
If still blocked, get off chrome.
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