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Source: Reddit - Introducing: Anonymous Browsing on Android

We’re introducing a new browsing mode, called Anonymous Browsing, that gives you even more control of your privacy on Reddit’s mobile apps.

Reddit won’t:
  • Save your browsing or search history to your Reddit account
  • Use your Reddit activity to personalize your recommendations
  • Use your Reddit activity to send you personalized notifications
In the coming days, Anonymous Browsing will be available on Android (the iOS version is still in the works and will be available around July or August).

The prior anonymous option was designed as a simple way to browse Reddit as if you were logged out of your account. The new Anonymous Browsing is a bit more sophisticated [..]:
  1. When you start an Anonymous Browsing session, the session is assigned a new set of unique IDs, so that there’s no connection between that session and your Reddit account. It’s like you’re creating a new account with a new set of IDs every time you start an Anonymous Browsing session.
  2. Because of the unique IDs, Reddit’s personalization engine resets every time you enter and exit the mode (to the engine, during an Anonymous Browsing session, you look like a newbie, with no search history).
  3. While in Anonymous Browsing, you also won’t get personalized push notifications based on your Reddit activity during the session (any personalized notifications you receive during Anonymous Browsing would be related to prior activity associated with your logged in Reddit accounts).
  4. When you exit an Anonymous Browsing session, you are returned to the Reddit account you were previously using, and Reddit clears and deletes the browsing and search history for the session off the device you’re using. Any data collected during the session is only connected to the unique IDs, not your Reddit account.


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Used to use Reddit is Fun (seems like they renamed to "rif is fun") which had a lot of features but wanted something that had a more up-to-date design. I'm using Sync for Reddit now and am really happy with it.

Most of the third-party Reddit apps have more functionality than the official Reddit app.
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