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VirusTotal has no saying in 0 days and unknown files, it relies on ancient signature practices. Not to mention a file doesn't need to be detected as malware to be malicious, you don't know what that file changes in the background.

So I would rather do it manually through Powershell, than to rely on an unknown file. People are fast to trust third-parties and may or may not end up burned (like it happened with CCleaner).

Fact is, the changes you making do not need any extra files, Windows has all the tools you need built-in, so I would never trust anyone who tries to supply me a *.exe (I don't need in first place) to make those changes.

You're free to do whatever you want in your machine, this is just my opinion.
CCleaner didn't burn anyone.

Being ultra-paranoid is wasted effort.

Inspecting every single file that you download before use isn't necessary.