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Update - 2nd June: Google has removed the app from the Play Store. You can see the developers response here: OneTouch AppLabs – आत्मनिर्भर भारत

Link: Remove China Apps - Apps on Google Play (India)

"The app helps identify and remove apps made in China from your Android smartphones and in a matter of two weeks, has become the number one free app on the Google Play Store in India.

Remove China Apps now has over 1 million downloads, most of them from India. The app itself is made by an Indian startup named OneTouch AppLabs and its Play Store description reads that it’s “being developed for educational purposes only to identify the country of origin of a certain application.” However, the app only scans China-made apps, complete with an option to uninstall them from within the app.

The developers further write in the app description that they detect China-made apps based on market research. However, they do not guarantee the accuracy of the information."

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The whole world trade war? I've read some news China-USA war as well

All NATO countries are blaming China for coronavirus outbreak and how the country prevent WHO and other health authority to investigate the virus outbreak source in China. In addition, NATO will or probably sue China for the whole world economy collapse. China hate this and push the trade war against country that blaming China for outbreak and sue for the economy damage. I believe this will trigger the old cold war that got postponed when Soviet Union collapse.

It took America 6 years to create over 50 millions jobs. In just 2 months outbreak in America, America lost more than 50% of the jobs.


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I just installed it and somehow it missed all the Chinese apps on my phone.


I didn't want to remove any apps, I was just interested in trying it.