bobby holla

Level 2
Hi am bobby here, can someone here please recommend for me an Antivirus to use with perfect protection and good detection rates. i was on to Webroot Secureanywhere but my license just expired so i need some new security. i also know that no antivirus is 100% capable of detecting all Virus today. but for the moment i need a solid protection. any suggestion and why?


Level 4
First of all there is no 100% detection as such, Its just a marketing stunt and you have got that correct. I would like to suggest you a comobo with some learning curve. Its is comodo firewall and avast free av. The good thing with this is you don't have to spend a penny on this and if correctly configured its almost an impenetrable fortress.


Level 2
Bitdefender or Kaspersky Internet Security. Both have highest protection rates and low impact on device performance. Buy the 2017 version.


Level 10
Hmm... Almost at lighweight as Webroot for recourse could be EAV. + CF good combo. But, of course i will but first place my old friend KIS and after that maybe F-secure or Emsisoft.