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Level 13
I have the Pro version version 3.6 and am using it as additional to the Avast / CIS 8 partition I am using. It does what it says it will. Great review Umbra. You the man!


Level 7
Their troubleshooting FAQ recommends a reinstall if keystrokes get scrambled... been using premium for a week, already encountered this annoyance... ugh
Any chance somebody could find a direct link for KeyScrambler v3.5 Premium? v3.6 is cracking up...
...been getting orange boxes with the message "keys from unencrypted source", even though it is... anything from this text box, through to Notepad. Working with support staff, hoping it's just a program clash... or hoping v3.5 works better.


Level 27
What's New in KeyScrambler 3.12:
  • Fixes a potential crash in the encryption driver (thanks to TrustWave for the discovery).
  • Temporarily disables Edge support due to a compatibility issue. A new way to support Edge will be coming soon.

The update has also added support for:
  • 3 more Browsers: Avast Secure Browser, Basilisk Browser, Iridium Browser (All editions)
  • 1 more Email and Messaging Program: WeChat for PC (Pro and Premium)
  • 2 more Password Managers: LastPass Pocket, PWGen (Pro and Premium)
  • 2 more Gaming Programs: Facebook Gameroom, Garena (Pro and Premium)
  • 5 more Encryption Programs: EncryptStick, Keybase, MikroLock, SafeNet Authentication Client, WinAuth (Premium)
  • 1 more Office Program: Turtl (Premium)
  • 1 more Team Messaging Program: Zoom (Premium)
  • 1 more Windows Feature: Microsoft Management Console (MMC) (Premium)