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download link

How Webroot Works

Infection-rollback feature Video Test

Resources Usage


there i will explain every modules with screenshots : (give me some time it is a long working :D)

0- Main Interface : Overview

interactive interface, it display the activity & resources of WSA and your system, very useful. On the top the various tabs. All you need to see is there.

1- PC Security

the tabs for the main modules are here : Scan, Shields,Firewall and Quarantine;

a- Scans tab

Here you will find the different scan modes (quick, full,deep,customs), the scheduled scans and the setting options.

some interesting options is the possibility to sacrifice speed for lowest resources usage, good for less powerful machines; MBR and rootkit scans.

b- Shield tab

All the shields are listed here :

the real-time shield include an "Offline Shield", in case if you are disconnected from internet, so you will be still protected.

the Behavior Shield is a classic one, the last option is another protection if offline.

the Core System shield as its name implied protect your system from unwanted modifications (kernel, Hosts file, system processes). WSA is supposed to be able to repair the compromised component.


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RE: Webroot Secure Anywhere Complete

the Web Threat shield will protect you from internet threat (malicious websites, etc...)

c- Firewall tab

a basic firewall (with 4 setting option) that warn you for outbound connections made by processes on your system, you allow, block and close the application via the "network application".

d- Quarantine tab

at first glance it seems to be the less useful tab but in fact is it not, some important features are listed here, especially the "detection configuration" feature which is the exclusions list. here too you have some fixing and removal tools .

2- Identity and Privacy

basic privacy module, protecting the apps you select by hardening them and the websites you visit.
the "Protected Website" feature give you many levels of protection and options for the custom level.

the WRSA tray icon will show a lock if when secured;

Password Management:

Webroot SA Complete uses a slightly modified version of Lastpass redirecting to your Webroot account instead to Lastpass' website.
it works on Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.


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RE: Webroot Secure Anywhere Essential

3- System Tools

here some useful system tools (cleaner, system monitor, logger and monitor, file submitter)

a- System Cleaner

a classic cleaner nothing really innovative, cleaning history, recycle bin, windows system junk files. The notable feature is the secure file deletion.

b- System Control

here you can check the active processes (allow,monitor,block) and sandbox your apps.

sandbox tab:

c- System Analyzer

This module will scan your system for vulnerabilities and give you a clear report


simple result

advanced result

note that a full report is also available

d- Report

here you will have the scan logs, statistics (system events) and execution history.

protection statistic feature.

e- Submit a file

just a basic submitter, you can select the file, for what reason then add some comments.


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RE: Webroot Secure Anywhere Complete

4- Settings

there i will show you some other settings.

this tab is new, you can adjust quickly some basic setting for performance.

advanced settings

self protection: this feature it is what allow WSA to run alongside almost every other security apps.

Access Control:

Heuristic: here you can setup the various heuristic levels;

i finish my review, so you have now a good idea of what Webroot SecureAnywhere is, i will update the post if i found new infos.

Thanks to read and watch.


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RE: Webroot Secure Anywhere Complete (Review)

Impressive.. at least for all those bling.

Thanks for the review.

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RE: Webroot SA Internet Security Plus (Review)

original post updated for the new version


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RE: Webroot SA Complete (Review)

Thanks for taking the time for review :)
The 'simple question' is 'Has it really improved yet'
$60 a year seems still extremely high to justify.

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RE: Webroot SA Complete (Review)

I did a context scan of the 67 malwares pack, and it manage to detect around 71% , the best rate i had with it :D

They implemented the "USB" and Zero-Day" shield but i found no setting about these 2 features. For the rest no visible change , but i didn't try it long enough.

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RE: Webroot SA Complete (Review)


added Password Management explanation to the OP


RE: Webroot SA Complete (Review)

impressive review umbra! nice and indepth , just the way I like it!!!!! kudo's dude!!!!!!

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RE: Webroot SA Complete (Review)

did some updates to the review:

- added some pros/cons
- increased my rating to 5
- add a link to how it works
- added a link to Biozfear's video test of rollback feature
- added a screenshot of resources usage

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RE: Webroot SA Complete v8 (Review)

added: System Analyzer screenshots


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RE: Webroot SA Complete v8 (Review)

I just grabbed a 180 day trial, how would I configure it to run with eset nod 32 av?

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RE: Webroot SA Complete v8 (Review)

Just install it, that is all, add WSA in ESET exclusions (no need to add ESET in WSA, it does it automatically)

you can follow my updated guide :


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cptredsox said:
what about WSA as a standalone suite ? is it powerful enough ?
As long as you know how it works and how to use it, Then Yes, It would make a great standalone suite as I did for a couple of months and worked really great.
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